Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ontlametse - First black child diagnosed aging disease

The Progeria Research Foundation says ontlametse is the first black child diagnosed with aging disease. No one can says , even how many children have this disease in this world. This foundation says that, the number of kids diagnosed from this aging disease was ranging from 48 to 80 on five continents.

Ontlametse is a 5 years old white girl, who lived in South Africa, who was affected by aging disease. South Africa is a best continent for medical care, because its an economic powerhouse in the world. Not only the African people, but also the people in China and Russia were affected by these aging diseases.

Ontlametse mother, Bellon Phalatse says that, her baby was normal at the time of birth. As grown upon, on her 3rd month Ontlametse was diagnosed by skin disease. On her first birthday, her hair was felled off, her nails are become abnormal.

Mostly, this diagnosis affected person may die at the age of 13. Children affected with Progeria may die almost completely from heart disease from the ages of 8 to 21. The diagnosed person commonly suffers from high blood pressure, strokes, enlarged heart and heart failure.

The Doctor Gordon researched about this aging disease progeria and had a remarkable success in 1999. In 2003, this research foundation was involved in the discovery of the progeria gene, and now all are hoped it can help provide answers about the ordinary aging process and cardiovascular disease.

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