Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shocking News: A Man dies after doctors remove 6 kg metals from his Stomach

A youth Kamleshwar Singh, who was a farmer admitted to hospital in the state of Chattisgarh, due to severe abdominal pains. After Surgery, Doctor reveals shocking news, that he has taken 13 pounds of metal from his stomach, i.e., 421 coins, Keys, Nut Bolts.

Doctor said that Kamleshwar has the habit of taking iron pieces, and also he stole the coins from her sisters saving amount (Piggy Bank) and swallowed the whole coin, finally after a surgery Doctor said, that he has swallowed 421 Coins, 3 Keys, 196 Nut Bolts inside his stomach and its weight is about 6 kg.

Bhojram Dewangan, Director of Shreesti Institute of Medical Science and Research Centre, where Mr Singh was treated, said, ‘The patient had been consuming small iron objects for the last nine months.’

‘After sonography and X- ray tests, the doctors carried out the major surgery.’At Last, operation got failed, he was no more alive.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Liver Implant - Another Chance of Life to a Young Boy

A doctor in London says that they have cured a baby boy, whose name is Iyaad Syed suffered from critical disease which was destroying his liver. They planned to implanted cells which acted like a temporary liver, which was allowing the damaged organ to recover.

This technique is one of the worlds best done by the team at King's College Hospital in south London. Now his age is eight month old, but six month ago his condition is close to death, because his liver is affected by the virus, which leads to liver failure.

Instead of waiting for transplant, doctor planned to inject donor liver cells to his abdomen, which acts as a toxins and produced vital proteins. These cells contained with a chemical found in algae, which helps to immune its body from diseases. But what a miracle! Two weeks later his own liver gets into recover.

Professor Anil Dhawan, a liver specialist at King's College Hospital, says the whole team at the hospital is delighted:

"This is the first time this treatment has been used to treat a child with acute liver failure. It's only a few months back when I first saw this child who was so sick requiring support on dialysis and a breathing machine.

"We think we have given him another chance of life and seeing him now six months down the road with nearly normal liver function is remarkable."

Dr Ragai Mitry, Head of Liver Processing at King's, who helped in developing the technique, said:

"We are very pleased the transplanted liver cells have helped in supporting and delivering the missing metabolic functions of Iyaad's failing liver."

Iyaad's father, Jahangeer, said his son was "a miracle boy". He added: "Once he had the treatment after 48 hours he started to get better and hope came back. It is brilliant and we are very proud of him."