Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Disney's 'Mars Needs Moms' blasted

In the weeks top up to the release of "Mars Needs Moms," Disney knew attention in the film was tepid at best. But no one was ready for such a terrible box office wipeout.

From a financial standpoint, "Mars" could be one of the main write-offs in modern Hollywood records, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The motion-capture lively film cost $150 million to produce but earned only $6.9 million in its debut at the domestic box office, the 12th worst opening of all time for a movie out in more than 3,000 theaters and one of the lowest chance for a major 3D release.

The price tag doesn't include a hefty advertising spend. All told, Disney has likely invest $200 million or more in the motion detain pic, made by Robert Zemeckis' now-shuttered ImageMovers Digital.

"The right audience came, but not in the numbers we needed," Disney president of worldwide sharing Chuck Viane said. "I'm disappointed for the filmmakers. They spent at least two years of their lives making a terrific movie that people won't see."
The chances of mending are slim.

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