Monday, February 21, 2011

Breakfast way to Excellent Health

Good breakfast is the key to a healthy lifestyle determining the quality of your whole day's nutrition, according to investigation.

And the top way to start the morning is with a simple bowl of a fit cereal, as it makes people less likely to turn to fatty, sugary food during the rest of the day, reports express.

The study, by nutritionist Sigrid Gibson revealed the healthiest breakfast choice is cereal with milk because it is a good source of calcium and several other key nutrients, such as fiber, protein and carbohydrate.

The research team analyzed 12,068 food reports from the National Diet and Nutrition Survey, which interviewed Britons aged from 19 to 64.

The results proved that one in five adults ate no hard food for breakfast, one third chose cereals and 45 per cent enjoyed a non-cereal breakfast. The trendiest item was tea or coffee, taken on 84 per cent of breakfast time.

Milk was inspired with 82 per cent of breakfasts, followed by cereal (39 per cent), bread (33 per cent) and fruit (14 per cent).

The healthiest breakfast option is cereal with milk.

Women were less likely than men to decide bread, sausage, bacon or eggs and more likely to have fruit in its place.

The study establishes that eating breakfast was linked with a lower fat and higher carbohydrate intake over 24 hours balance with skipping breakfast.

But this was mainly attributable to cereal-based breakfasts as non-cereal meals were related with a higher intake of soaked fatty acid and lower protein intakes.

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